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About Us

Your Success Comes Before Ours

Nocturnal Nexus is an information technology consulting firm located in Eastern North Carolina. We service all regions of North and South Carolina, in addition to providing nationwide coverage using remote services and collaboration tools.

Nocturnal Nexus is a proud veteran owned and operated business. We have over a decades worth of experience in a vast array of technology services. We provide consulting and professional services for traditional on-premise enterprise environments to expansive cloud environments.

Founded in 2020, we are focused on the growth and development of small to medium sized businesses by providing them with friendly, affordable, and reliable enterprise-grade services to help them overcome the turmoil of a modern world. We see the success of our customers as critical to our success which is why we always focus on ensuring our solutions and services are focused on enabling the growth and operations of our customers above all else.

Achieving Success Requires Repetition

Our Process

Search symbol to indicate the discovery process.


During the discovery process, we're working to understand your business requirements, systems, and processes so we have a holistic view and understanding of your business and project. Our goal is to build success, and the discovery process lays the foundation for that.

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No project goes without some sort of planning or design phase. The design phase is focused on architecting and mapping out integrations that are key to the projects success. Along the way, you'll have a voice at every corner.

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The refining process is where we begin to synthesize paper into action. This is the phase where we begin to deploy and evaluate systems in non-production environments. This is our chance to refine and make change before "go-live".

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This is the final stage - this is where we hit the button and turn things on. Here we'll be deploying our solutions to a production environment, making last minute tweaks, documenting the systems, and providing training and assistance to ensure the new technology is fully adopted.