See What the Fastest Growing Cloud Provider Can Do For You

Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing cloud provider - they provide similar services to that of Amazon Web Services (AWS), but they also provide some unique integrations and solutions. Azure integrates seemlessly with your existing Office 365 tenant to extend your use of the Microsoft Cloud.

  • Secure access to your SAML compatible services using Azure Active Directory (AAD).
  • Leverage the power of Azure Sentinel to monitor your cloud environment and receive alerts.
  • Seemlessly migrate your on-premise file shares using the power of Azure Storage Accounts.
  • Backup on-premise and cloud applications with Azure Backup and Recovery Services.
  • Feel the power. Automate and create repeatable processes with Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Make your PowerShell or Python automation headless by migrating it to Azure Runbooks.

How our customers use Microsoft Azure

Azure Active Directory (AAD)

Azure ADDS (Managed Active Directory)

Azure DNS

Azure Storage Accounts

Azure Backup and Recovery Services

Virtual Machines

Microft Power Platform

Azure Runbooks (Automation)

Intune (MDM)

Azure Bastion

We Use Azure!

Azure is one of the many components that help make our business successful. Almost all businesses that use Office 365 utilize Azure in one way or another - that's because when you create an Office 365 tenant, you're actually creating an Azure Active Directory tenant in the background.

We use Azure for more though - we leverage the power of Azure's storage and automation platforms to automate the backup and replication of our disaster recovery data. Our internal disaster recovery program focuses on data-portability and multi-cloud adoption. We want to ensure continued operation of our business regardless of the platform we are running on - that's why our data is backed up to Azure, AWS, and BackBlaze.

In addition to using Azure Runbooks and Storage Accounts, we also use Intune. Intune helps us secure our Windows devices by enabling us to push default security baseslines, force device encryption, and ensure devices are compliant before accessing company resources.

The Microsoft Azure logo is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. The presence of Microsoft Corporation registered trademarks does not indicate endorsement. Nocturnal Nexus is not a Microsoft registered partner.

Core Principles

How We Build Customer Success Stories



In a modern world, it's impossible to achieve long-lasting success without placing security at the cornerstone of your business. That's why when our customers ask us to solve a problem, our solution is built with industry best-practice security in mind from day zero. Securing your companies trade secrets, customer data, and future is out top priority.



When and individual starts a business, they have the intent to grow. The intent to reach more customers, provide a better service, and expand their companies operations. Often, the technology infrastructure lags behind and hinders the company's growth - for us, that's not an option. All of our solutions are built to scale with your company.



Technology, teams, and company interests change over time. We understand that. This is why all of our solutions come with ease of management in mind. We don't believe in over-complicating or over-engineering systems because we don't see the value in that. We provide you with managable, and well documented systems to enable your companies growth.