Collaborate and Simplify Licensing

Office 365 is the premiere collaboration and office suite available. It is an all-in-one solution that enables your to simplify licensing, keep software up to date, and collaborate using the power of Microsoft Teams. Office 365 has come a long way and is actually used by 100% of the clients we support. While other platforms exist, they don't offer the seamless integration and friendly interface that we're all akin to.

  • Simplify and reduce the cost of Office software licensing
  • Work from anywhere using the power of Office Online, Office Mobile, and Office Desktop.
  • Stop managing expensive SharePoint servers - migrate to SharePoint Online.
  • Secure your company email using integrated exchange information protection.
  • Secure Data by requiring device compliance and MFA to access company resources.
  • Simplify the backup of device and user level data using Microsoft OneDrive.

How Our Customers Use Office 365

Simplify Office Licensing

SharePoint Online

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft PowerAutomate

Microsoft Exchange Online (email)

Microsoft Teams Meetings

Microsoft Teams Phone System

Microsoft Intune (MDM)

We Trust Office 365

We've been using Microsoft/Office 365 since we started our business. Its one of our most critical business solutions, enabling us to meet virtually with customers, handle phone calls, keep data in a central location, and implement Single Sign-On, Office 365 has been a key component of our business' success.

From a feature standpoint, we're using most of what the platform has to offer. We use SharePoint Online for storage of customer, tax, and legal documents. We use Teams to meet virtually with our customers, and we're soon launching the Microsoft 365 voice system - migrating away from our current Voice over IP provder.

We use OneDrive to automatically backup all device and user level data, and all devices are Azure AD joined to provide central login. This all integrates pretty seemlessly with Intune, which is what we're using as our MDM to ensure compliance before accessing company resources.

Our favorite thing about Office 365 is that the licensing is flexible - we don't have to be locked in to a single provider if we don't want to be. Microsoft offers licensing in a number of ways, either provisioned through a reseller, or direct through them. Direct through Microsoft you are able to purchase licenses through a portal on either an annual or monthly commitment. This makes it feasible for any business to try and test our Office 365 before fully committing.

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Core Principles

How We Build Customer Success Stories



In a modern world, it's impossible to achieve long-lasting success without placing security at the cornerstone of your business. That's why when our customers ask us to solve a problem, our solution is built with industry best-practice security in mind from day zero. Securing your companies trade secrets, customer data, and future is out top priority.



When and individual starts a business, they have the intent to grow. The intent to reach more customers, provide a better service, and expand their companies operations. Often, the technology infrastructure lags behind and hinders the company's growth - for us, that's not an option. All of our solutions are built to scale with your company.



Technology, teams, and company interests change over time. We understand that. This is why all of our solutions come with ease of management in mind. We don't believe in over-complicating or over-engineering systems because we don't see the value in that. We provide you with managable, and well documented systems to enable your companies growth.