Security and Continuity

Cyber security is one of the hottest topics right now - and thats led to a major skill gap. With more career opporitunities than professionals to fill them, its hard to ensure that your have the team members needed to implement that next major security project. We're happy to announce that this is where we can come in. Our experts are certified in cloud, physical, and system security by industry leading standards. We are here to help you perform gap analysis and implement solutions to fill those gaps.

  • Build a Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Program
  • Plan and Prepare for the Inevitable - Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Implement a robust data management program to ensure that data stays in the right hands.
  • Implement a SIEM solution to enable rapid incident response and mitigation.
  • Let us fully manage security for you - involving you only when decisions need to be made.

How We Rate the Importance of Cyber Security Programs

There are many aspects to an effective cyber security program - on a scale of 1-10, we rate the importance of each component as:

Disaster Recovery

End User Awareness Training

Incident Response

Vulnerability Management

Anti-Malware Software

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Cyber Security Policies

Security Intelligence

Disaster Recovery

We think this is actual the most critical part of a cyber-security program. Disaster recovery is what ensures your business can continue to operate with minimal disruption when a major event occurs that takes your offline.

The reason we think its critical is that you can't plan for and prevent all events. Natural disasters, security breaches, and fires can't be predicted, prevents, or 100% prepared for. This is where a business' continuity and disaster recovery program comes in.

While we can't prevent everything - we can prepare for it. Disaster recovery and business continuity are the plans and processes in place to ensure that the business can continue to operate. This includes things like backup procedures, recovery procedures, prioritization of services, and operational processes that outline how the business operates before, during, and after a major event impacts your business.

End User Awareness Training

A team is as strong as it's weakest link. This is true in all aspects of life, and even more so in the realm of Cyber Security. Our end users - employees, customers, and vendors are the easiest attack vector.

Attackers take advantage of human nature and our inherit desire to trust and believe in what we see. This is prevelant in phishing and spam attacks which is the vector that most companies are breached by. Generally, attackers are seeking either credentials or money.

When attackers are seeking credentials, they'll generally send an email that looks to be from a legitimate service. The email might ask for the user to reset the password, or claim that a suspicious login occurred on their account and they need to login to check it. When a user types in the password, they give the attacker their credentials. Attackers might use this to try to elevate privileges and gain a greater foothold within your system. They might also use the user's account to launch more phishing attempts targeting your contact list, and ruining your business' reputation.

Attackers also often seek to scam your employees by sending targeted emails claiming to be from an executive at your company. These scams attempt to get your employees to go out and purchase gift-cards on the company card and send the numbers for those gift cards over email. Causing a significant monetary loss for your business, and creating hardship for some smaller businesses.

That's why we build end-user awareness training into every program that we implement. Ensuring your users are aware and vigilant is one of the most cost-effective security strategies you can implement.

Incident Response

Incident Response is another critical component of your security program. It is the process of responding to a suspected breach, eradicating, and recovering from it. Incident response is the process that ensures that even when a breach occurs, the impact is minimized.

Without dedicated security professionals, its hard for a business to know when, how, or what to respond to. That's why we offer a completely hands-off managed incident response program. Our managed incident response program enables you to worry about the business, and we'll worry about breaches.

Our incident response programs will implement a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solution so we can be alerted when suspicious activity occurs. This will enable us to investigate the alert and determine whether its a false positive, true positive, false negative, true negative, or benign.

If a breach occurs, we're here to handle it. Our experts will contact you only in the event of a confirmed breach, and we'll walk through steps to contain the threat, eradicate it, and recover from it. Some of our customers even prefer us to deploy and on-site representative during breaches, and we're more than happy to accommodate those requests.

Vulnerability Management

If you're running any software or hardware, it will have vulnerabilities throughout its lifetime. A vulnerability is defined as a flaw or weakness within a device, application, system, or process which could allow and attack to occur.

Software often has vulnerabilities - these are patched regularly by the developers of those patches. The issue is that not everyone tests and installs the patches - and not everyone is on the most up to date version of software.

This poses a significant risk - unpatched software and systems are low hanging fruit that we can pick to minimize the likely-hood of a breach. A good vulnerability management system enables you to choose when, and what software updates to apply to minimize the likely-hood of a breach.

We also offer a completely managed services for this as well - making it so you aren't even aware your software was updated, while minimizing the risk to your business.

Core Principles

How We Build Customer Success Stories



In a modern world, it's impossible to achieve long-lasting success without placing security at the cornerstone of your business. That's why when our customers ask us to solve a problem, our solution is built with industry best-practice security in mind from day zero. Securing your companies trade secrets, customer data, and future is out top priority.



When and individual starts a business, they have the intent to grow. The intent to reach more customers, provide a better service, and expand their companies operations. Often, the technology infrastructure lags behind and hinders the company's growth - for us, that's not an option. All of our solutions are built to scale with your company.



Technology, teams, and company interests change over time. We understand that. This is why all of our solutions come with ease of management in mind. We don't believe in over-complicating or over-engineering systems because we don't see the value in that. We provide you with managable, and well documented systems to enable your companies growth.